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AG Energy touches down in Burum, Finschafen -Morobe Province

Updated: May 20, 2022

Saturday, January 9th, 2020

The AG team, consisting of - CEO, Mr. Allen Guo, Mr. Zhou Qian, one of the AG surveyors, Cr. Ali Heutuke, Burum Kuat LLG, Ward 9, Ms. Margaret Tambagle, in house-media consultant, followed consecutively by AG Energy Manager, Mr. Tobias Kulang – all flew by helicopter to Finschafen , 80km north east of Lae in the Huon Peninsula. Into a riverside area of Burum Village, part of the Burum -Kwat Rural LLG. The departure from Lae town to Burum took approximately 30mins. Upon arrival, the equipment and rations for the ground team were brought to the improvised camps, constructed by the initial AG exploration team, they were greeted by some of the locals, who resided next to the river. Word was sent up into the main Burum Village and several other local leaders came down to the site. A few weeds had grown since the last visit so Mr. Guo led the clean-up team to neaten up the area. The team is now continuing their progress in Finschafen, getting into the Geo-technical survey of the region.

The local councilmen all have positive and encouraging things to say about AG from their previous experience, and they look forward to working with the team. In Mr. Guo’s discussion with the Burum community leaders, he states that this project will bring about development that the region has not seen for a very long time. Local councilman, Mr. Heutuke said that the road into Burum from Lae - as crude as it was - had land transport passing through until two (2) years/month ago, when a major landslide completely closed up a section of the road.

The co-operation between AG Energy and the LLG will help the area develop and bring about economic and social growth. The geotechnical survey is the first step in consolidation of the site, they will check for soil consistency and structure, water levels and give recommendations for the technical project. Following the drilling, the samples will be sent to the lab for analysis before concrete movement on the ground. Mr. Zhou Qian, continued on the survey work as the rest of the team were airlifted out to the coastal village of Yabim.

The helicopter carried several loads of cargo and passengers to the Burum Village and back. Just after the lunch hour, Mr. Guo, Mr. Kulang and Ms. Tambagle flew back into Lae City. The overall reception was welcoming and positive, AG Energy is looking forward to working together with the Finschafen government and the Burum community, to bring development and much needed change in the region.

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