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AG Energy’s Royals smashing their way into Port Moresby Rugby League’s Minor Premiership

The Royals approached AG at the beginning of this year to support the team by way of uniforms. AG Group of companies, overall has a heart for the development of Papua New Guinea through a lot of different avenues. We supported the Royals through AG Energy, the energy development branch of AG Investment Ltd.

We recently caught up with the team last Sunday (24/07/22), in one of their last minor rounds, against Tarangau. It was a tough game, finishing with a draw 10-10 against the Tarangaus’. Royals have been performing well throughout the season and this last game automatically pushed them up the tally, into the Minor Premiership.

Mr. Junior Yambe, the team coach has mentioned that he is very proud of the current team. At the beginning of this POMRL season, Mr. Yambe has pushed for all the younger players to take to the field, he says “ I’m putting all the younger players in the lineups, no Digicel Cup players, and I can say that they have shown a lot of improvement and we’ve been taking home more Wins”.

The Royals team captain Mr. Joe Patrick is a up and coming young player and has a lot of passion for his team. Mr. Yambe thanks AG for its continuous support, he is confident in the boys performance and has high hopes that we will take back this season. Uniforms are a big part of the team’s identity and as a company, we are happy to support the Royals in that aspect. AG Group would like to also congratulate the Royals on their entrance into Port Moresby Rugby League’s minor premiership and wish the team, all the best in the future games.

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