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AG Embraces community spirit in Los Negros - Manus Province

Updated: May 20, 2022

Monday, January 11th, 2020

The foundations of the new Momote Airport in the Manus Province project are well underway, as CEO, Mr. Allan Guo visits the site earlier in the week and touches base with the AG team on the ground.

While on a business meeting with the Site Manager, Mr. Lin, Administration staff, Mrs. Maureen Kaumu, and myself in Los Negros at the “Jetty” – a local hotspot. Mr. Guo noticed young children, gathering around dartboards and cheering for their teams. As the meeting comes to an end he inquired about the activity taking place and Mrs. Kaumu, who is also a local, explained that the Los Negros under 18’s were having their first ever, Dart Competition. Mrs. Kaumu then introduced one of the organisers of the event, Mr. Martin Lewel – President of the Coco Dart Association. Mr. Lewel explained that they were organizing the event to get the local youths ready to go back to school. As Dart involves a lot of critical thinking, mathematics and also is a form of physical exercise. AG pledged K1000.00 cash, in support of the local youth.

The finals came around on Thursday, 14th of January, as Mr. Guo had flown out of Manus a few days before, Mr. Lin, Mrs. Kaumu and myself attended the event. Also present during the event were; the President of Los Negros LLG, Mr. Francis Pokas Kolope, who is also the Manus President for Climate change, Culture and Tourism. Mr. James So’on -The Public Relations officer of the Papua New Guinea Dart Championships, Councilman. Bernard Sei – Ward 6 and Mr. Martin Lewel. Two of the finalists were Seaside and Sala Youngsters, after four rounds of battle, the fifth and final decider round saw Seaside with the victory.

Mr. So’on and Mr. Sei concluded the event with the presentation of the prizes, the three sponsors of the event were Jetty Bar, Wopa Trading and AG Investment Ltd. As speeches were given the Council President of Los Negros, Mr. Kolope expressed his gratitude to all the sponsors, especially to AG - being one of the recent companies in the area, it was unusual for the locals to witness their participation. Mrs. Kaumu’s speech included a short history of the company, and stressed the importance that AG places on working together with the community. It was a successful community event and AG was honored to have been a part of it.

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