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Baime Hydropower Station

The PNG Forest Products commissioned Baime Hydropower Station, it is located in the rolling hillsides of Bulolo, Morobe Province. AG Investment and its partners are pleased with the current construction progress. AGI’s initial discussions and Pre-feasibility studies in conjunction with SMEC started in 2014. Subsequent feasibility studies, environmental, social impact studies continued in 2018, the initial progress has been steady but construction speed has accelerated in the recent months.

"The power station will include two 5.7MW turbine generator units"

We are currently in the construction stage of the low height diversion weir, a 5km long headrace pipe, 3km long penstock waterway, surge tank and surface power station. The power station will include two 5.7MW turbine generator units. Biame Hydropower Plant will be able to produce 11.4MW of peak power.

The plant will be connected to the PNG Power Ramu Grid and will increase reliable power supply throughout Morobe, Madang and the highlands region of Papua New Guinea. This will be AG Investment's second hydropower station in the area, the first one being the 9.4MW Upper Baiune Hydropower station, commissioned in 2013.

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