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Edevu (54MW): PNG's Largest Commercial Hydropower Station

Updated: May 20, 2022

Video narration:

Edevu Hydropower Station will be Papua New Guinea’s largest commercial hydropower station, generating 54MW of electricity and will be supplementing the capital’s 140MW electricity demand. It is AG Investment’s biggest project up to date and we are happy to announce it is nearing its final stages of competition.

This video was from a recent site visit on the 16th of April, 2022. This is the spillway, that allows for floodwater to safely pass when the dam is full, it is close to 50% completed. In the distance, you will notice our crusher and cement batch plant. The tail end of Brown River is flowing out of a diversion tunnel, which was constructed beneath the spillway. When the Dam construction is complete the sluice gate at the entrance of the diversion tunnel will be shut and the river will fill up the dam.

The construction of the powerhouse just began in March and is already making good progress with the two 27MW turbines 70% complete. The penstock is about 60% complete. You can see the massive scale of this project by looking the size of the person walking on the weir crest. This area after the crest will be completely full of water by the time this project is complete.

AG Investment and its development partners are proud to contribute this hydropower plant to Papua New Guinea.

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