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Edevu Hydropower Project

Updated: May 20, 2022

The Edevu Hydropower electrification program has been more than ten (10) years in the works. The initial concept was born in response to the instability in power supply in Port Moresby and the wider region. It took years of discussions, consultations and location scouting before finally deciding on a geographically ideal location - Edevu village, in the Central Province. Mr. Allan Guo went into the Edevu village in 2009 and met with Mr. Nelson Badi, a local village court magistrate, at Edevu Village. Mr. Badi then introduced Mr. Guo to Chief John Ete and discussions continued from there. With a genuine heart for development in Papua New Guinea, Mr. Guo, was well received by the Edevu people and welcomed as part of the tribe.

Since then, the once, inaccessible terrain of the upper Brown River, Edevu, has seen a lot of foot traffic, from some of the most respected local and international leaders.

Later that year (2009) the villagers welcomed our surveyors and geotechnical team to conduct feasibility studies, with Chief. John Ete leading the way. Chief Ete mentioned that because there were no roads to the proposed hydropower development site, the surveyors and geotechnical engineers would jump on his small dinghy and travel upstream in the croc infested Brown River, to conduct their studies and tests. The testing continued till 2010, when enough data showed that the project was feasible. The landowners welcomed this news and were happy to welcome the project.

In 2011 a MOU was signed with the Sohava and Honri Land groups and road construction started, in 2011 - 2012. We began investing more in machinery and manpower, bringing in local and international workers to move this project. In 2012 a campsite was established in two different locations and a big recruitment drive was carried out. Since then, the once, inaccessible terrain of the upper Brown River, Edevu, has seen a lot of foot traffic, from some of the most respected local and international leaders.

Over ten (10) years later, the 54MW Hydropower project is now nearing its completion, in just this year (2021) we welcomed visitors such as China Ambassador to PNG - Mr. Xue Bing (now, former), the Managing Director for Kumul Petroleum Holdings - Mr. Wapu Sonk, the Managing Director of KCH, Mr. Isikeli R Taureka, the CEO of Kina Bank, Mr. Greg Pawson and several delegation visits, including a delegation from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. We are looking forward to more visitors in the duration of this year as the project nears its completion.

The project will generate clean, environmentally friendly energy, which aids PNGs commitment to transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030. This will also create stabilization in the Port Moresby grid, with supply and regulation. The project will also create a source for potential water supply for Port Moresby and surrounding areas, it also has potential to further develop aquaculture and tourism activities.

Edevu PNG Hydropower Project represents the company's largest project to date. The massive project represents the collaboration of the government, community, private financiers and full mobilisation of company's resources at the highest level since the inception of our company and its humble beginnings in 1992.

This massive project only shows what size of activities the AG Investment Ltd is capable of undertaking in Papua New Guinea. Our commitment is to the people of Papua New Guinea to provide first class services to ensure the country and the 7 million plus population receive quality assets that will increase the social value of the communities, towns and cities in which we build the particular infrastructure.

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