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Employee Highlights: Chatting with Bryne Rummints

Updated: May 20, 2022

Interviewer: Hi Bryne, its great to sit down and catch up regarding your work with AGI, we have quite a few ongoing projects, for our segment Employee highlights, we would like to know where & which project are you working on?

Bryne: Currently I’m in Manus Province, Momote Airport. This is my first time here, I was in Yonki, EHP, at the AGI Yonki Dam refurbishment works, working under Richard Ibera (HEAD OF QAQC), upon Richards recommendation, I was sent here in June 22, 2020.

Interviewer: Tell me about the project you are working on?

Bryne: We are working at the New Airport Terminal and associated works at Momote Airport. The project schedule was approximately one year, due to natural causes and the COVID 19, it started back in June when I arrived to the project site, the end date is projected to be towards the end of November, 2021.

Interviewer: What do you think about this project?

Bryne: The terminal building is a new type of design, unlike other is not a constant, rectangular template type of design like the other airports, when I was first recruited, Richard mentioned that AGI built the Kagamuga and Goroka airport. When they gave me the design, I was excited because it looked like a stingray, so I was excited to be working on it. Although I am far from home, I don’t mind being here because I know what I’ll be accomplishing with this project.

I started from initial backfilling and preparation of the groundworks, and I will stay till the completion of this work. As a fresh graduate UNITECH, with my bachelors in Civil Engineering, this will be one of my first projects, I can say that I started my career with this awesome project. It’s interesting to see the steps and the work it takes to complete a project like this.

Interviewer: How will this benefit the locals?

Bryne: Currently Manus is very far, we are in the middle of the ocean, the economy is a bit low for Manus, given that the terminal is completed the stylish design will attract tourists, it will generate cashflow for the locals, create employment and opportunities for them to sell their goods. The airport also is designed to carter for international flights, it has that potential. It will grab the attention of the country and will increase the number of flights into the island.

Interviewer: What do you do in your spare time here?

Bryne: We work every day, to complete the project on schedule, in those days that I am not working, you will find me in the ocean. I go fishing, diving, but one of my favorites is snorkeling. I just enjoy the colorful, amazing coral reef, reef fishes, white beaches. Manus has potential for tourism, and this project, is one of the first steps to open up a thriving tourism sector.

Interviewer: It is great to see a young person, like yourself, working on a fantastic project like this, that will directly contribute to Papua New Guinea's development! Very inspirational, thank-you for your time and I wish you and the team at Momote a smooth delivery of the project.

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