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Employee Highlights: Chatting with Jackson Banas

Interviewer: Good day Jackson, I wanted to touch base with you all the way in Warangoi. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Could you give me a brief introduction about yourself?

Jackson: Thank you. Well, my name is Jackson Banas. I come from a mix parentage of Madang and East Sepik Province, I am twenty-six years old. I'm now working at Warangoi Hydro Refurbishment Project site- East New Britain Province.

Interviewer: That’s great Jackson, what do you do at the site?

Jackson: My day to day responsibilities include; HR and Logistics tasks. Doing Weekly Reporting and Monthly Reporting, including work progress photos. I also report site issues to the Contractor and do General Maintenance work at the site.
"..a good thing that I want to mention about the company is that, it has given the opportunity to thousands of employees..this has allowed them to develop the skills they need"..
Interviewer: That is quite a handful of work, what are some of the things you’ve learnt in this role.

Jackson: This is list of things I have learned during my time with AG Investment at the Warangoi Hydro Refurbishment Project (
• Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Test at the Switchyard site.
• Surveying at the Dam Intake site.
• Maintenance on Air Compressor- Machine floor.
• Learn how to use SCADA System.
• Learn how to use Excel formulas in Software.
• Learn how to Understand different types of design drawings.
• Learn some basic turbine parts and their functions.
• Learn the different types of Submersible pumps and their functions.
• Learning to name most of the equipment at the Hydropower site. Which includes both Mechanical and Electrical.

Interviewer: Congratulations Jackson, some of the things you mentioned are very specialized knowledge, I’m glad that AG Investment could provide that sort of training for you. What would you say, are some of your accomplishments?

Jackson: My accomplishment is based on Office site work. Doing Maintenance and Reporting. I would say, all of the new knowledge that I’ve learnt are my accomplishments.

Interviewer: Thanks again Jackson, before we wrap up this interview, is there anything else you would like to mention?

Jackson: AG Investment is becoming famous, because it has done many CIVIL engineering works throughout the Nation ( One good thing that I want to mention about the company is that, it has given the opportunity to thousands of employees without tertiary qualifications as General Workers. This has allowed them to develop the skills they need.

I also wanted to appreciate the Management and staff that contributed during installation of the two 5 MW Turbine Generators that total to 10 MW energy generation, that is now supplying the whole East New Britain Province with Electricity. Big thanks to the Company itself (
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