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Momote International Airport Opening

Updated: May 20, 2022

On the 25th of April sounds of the traditional “garamut” drums filled the air across Los Negros Island. The locals were gearing up for the grand opening of the new Momote Airport terminal. NAC employees were rushing about, finalising the last details at the new terminal. As the morning broke, busloads of locals poured into Momote, excited to witness this momentous event. Mr. Wan Lin’s - AG Investment’s site supervisor at this time – phone was off the handle, receiving several calls from the airport organizing committee and NAC team. Mr. Lin assigned tasks to the remainder of the AGI team on ground, as we worked together to prepare the terminal. The Prime Minister and his delegation arrived around 11AM. PM’s team included the Japanese Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Mr. Nobuyiki Watanabe, the Minister for Civil Aviation, Walter Schnaubelt, Minister for fisheries, Dr. Tom Lino, Minister for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Henry Amuli and many more dignitaries.

"Marape's government has now passed legislation to make Manus a Special Economic Region"

Manus Province has great ambitions to become the new international hub of Papua New Guinea. The national government has finally taken notice of this province’s strategic location and in Prime Minister Marape’s opening statement he mentioned that his government has now passed legislation to make Manus a Special Economic Region. This was well received by Manusians, The Prime Minister also announced K10 million support towards the National Economic Zone headquarters which will be built at Lorengau town.

Combining our terminal building knowledge and experience, from the Mt. Hagen Kagamuga Airport and the Goroka Airport, we are proud to present the Momote Airport Terminal building. AG Investment would like to acknowledge NAC and CADIP team, especially the program directors Mr. Wellington Warren and Mr. Alphonse Dresok who have been instrumental behind the scenes in making sure this project is delivered. AG Investment would also like to make special mention of some of our hardworking, tireless employees who have played major roles in this project. Mr. Wang Shu, architectural designer, draftsman and interim Project Manager, Mr. Wan Lin, site manager, Mr. Chen Shu Bing, Building Supervisor, Ms. Margaret Tambagle, Junior Manager and community liaison officer, Mr. Bryne Rummint, QAQC & Junior Civil engineer and Mrs. Maureen Kaumu a local landowner, Administration and HR staff at AGI- Momote. We also acknowledge the cooperation and support of the our local and national staff, the local landowners, Manus labor department and the Manus Provincial government.

This “Sting-Ray” designed terminal building is another one of AG Investment’s successfully delivered projects this year. The end of December 2021 saw us delivering the refurbishment of the 10MW Warrangoi Hydropower Station (, dam and control room in East New Britain Province. Early last month we also delivered the 3MW Divune Hydropower station in Oro Province and now the Momote Terminal Building. Development and Nation building is one of AG Investment’s priorities and we look forward to working with the National government and partners to deliver more projects.

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